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Buckley Eagle News

September 2023


Hello Local #1387 Members, Friends and Family,

This is the first of what we hope to be an ongoing monthly news letter provided by the Auxiliary, Aerie and Retired Eagles Activity Club, REAC Officers. This issue is intended to bring everyone up to date and provide what we think you might want to know.  If you would like more detail on a specific topic, please reach out to any Buckley Eagles Officer or leave your name and number in one of the boxes near the bar. We hope you enjoy this first issue.


Our Membership

Together we have over 2400 members. Our members share a common goal and that is People Helping People. With that, we need to make sure everyone knows this is a Fraternal Organization with rules and regulations. Please make sure when you sign-in another person or propose a new member, you take the time to get to know them.


Speaking of “People Helping People”

We can be proud of the charitable work we do here at the Buckley Eagles.

At the end of the 2022-2023 fiscal years our total charitable donations came to $51,000.


Charitable funds come in through events such as Cupids Affair, the Bake Sale, the All Class Reunion and our Holiday Craft Show. In addition, a large portion comes from the weekly raffles and personal donations made during Bingo and other events.

Maintaining and Improving our Eagles Nest

The average monthly cost to operate the Buckley Eagles in 2022-2023 was roughly $116,000 per month. Some of the cost categories include: food and beverage, employee wages, all utilities, property and employee insurance, business and gambling licenses, along with building improvement and maintenance.


Thank you to our Trustees and to everyone that helped in the remodel of the mini bar. Along with the mini bar, other examples include, kitchen upgrades, repainting the outside of the building, installing a new camera system, improved lighting, parking lot restriping, new gravel, added power to RV stations, refurbished Eagles sign etc.

There is more to come with money being raised through our bottle raffle for a new divider curtain and we have earmarked funds for an electronic RV dump collection station.

If you have a special skill and would like to be more involved and/or make a donation to the improvement of our club please contact Troy Bleakmore, Trustee Chairman.

Coming Events

Labor day BBQ, Hawaiian Night and the Kids and Adult Halloween Parties.


Volunteering is what keeps our club going!  Please reach out to your Officers to get more involved.


“Thank you”

To our staff, volunteers, and officers for working together to make our Eagles #1 in the State of Washington!

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